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Las mujeres somos una parte fundamental de la era digital que estamos experimentando. Tenemos habilidades y características únicas que, gracias a las tecnologías digitales, pueden generar emprendimientos sin precedentes, con gran impacto positivo. Por eso, junto a Banco BCI y Mujeres del Pacífico, quisimos hacer…

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Intelligent matter is assembled from individual, nano-scaled components which, when they act together, possess intelligent skills. Credit: Corinna Kaspar Imagine if the pullover you’re wearing automatically adapted itself to the temperature, warming you if you were shivering, or cooling you down if you were sweating….

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Postdoctoral researchers Ding Wang (left) and Ping Wang (right) check the surface of a single-crystalline ferroelectric ScAlN wafer grown utilizing molecular beam epitaxy. Credit: Robert Coelius For the first time, researchers achieved single-crystalline high quality ferroelectric III-V semiconductors that can be integrated into existing platforms…

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The insect-computer hybrid system. a, The hybrid system consists of a living Madagascar hissing cockroach and a wireless backpack controller. Autonomous navigation is enabled by electrical stimulating the insect’s sensory system, while the infrared camera allows for on-device human detection via image classification. b, The…

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